Frequently Asked Question

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What is StarPOINTS?
StarPOINTS is a blockchain-based rewards program created by StarWORKS Global, which allows you to earn rewards in the form of StarXP points for every food and beverage transaction you make in Rosalita’s Cantina.

What is StarWORKS Global?
StarWORKS Global is a technology developer commercialising an integrated ecosystem of products and services and the developer behind the innovative StarPOINTS rewards program. StarWORKS Global have a vision to revolutionise the global tourism, entertainment, and hospitality industries using today’s technology.

What is STARXP?
StarXP point is a native digital currency used within the StarWORKS Global's StarPOINTS rewards program. Members will receive rewards in the form of the StarXP for purchasing delicious food and beverages at Rosalita's Cantina. Members will earn rewards 7% of the value of their bill (before tax and service charge).

*1 StarXP is worth USD 1 with a fixed rate of IDR 15.000.

What are the Benefits of StarPOINTS?
Here are some of the benefits and exclusive offers of the StarPOINTS rewards program:
  1. Blockchain-based rewards program, this means that your loyalty rewards points are securely stored on a decentralised digital ledger, ensuring transparency and reliability.
  2. Members can earn StarXP points for every food and beverage purchase at Rosalita's Cantina.
  3. You can redeem your accumulated StarPOINTS to pay for your future purchases at Rosalita's Cantina.

What is StarWALLET?
StarWALLET is an ERC-20 and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) compatible digital e-wallet that's integrated with StarWORKS Global's ecosystem. Additionally, you can use StarWALLET to keep track of your StarPOINTS rewards and redeem them easily.

How do I Start and Register for my StarPOINTS Loyalty Program?
If you wish to register for the StarPOINTS rewards program, here are the easy steps to follow.
  1. Download the StarWALLET app from the PlayStore or App Store. You can also easily access our StarWALLET website without downloading any additional apps
  2. Register in your StarWALLET app, and fill in the required fields.
  3. Open the StarWALLET app, go to the “Rewards” menu, choose “Rosalita’s Cantina”, and you will receive your generated Member ID.
  4. Your StarPOINTS membership will be activated and ready to use.

How do I Earn StarPOINTS?
You can earn StarPOINTS simply by ordering and enjoying food or beverages at Rosalita's Cantina.

What can I do With my Accumulated StarPOINTS?
You can redeem your StarPOINTS to make purchases of food and beverages in Rosalita’s Cantina.

How to Redeem my StarPOINTS?
If you have collected enough StarPOINTS, you may wish to redeem your StarXP points at Rosalita’s Cantina. The process is as follows.
  1. Inform Rosalita’s Cantina staff that you wish to redeem your StarPOINTS for food and beverage.
  2. Show your Member ID or QR Code to the cashier.
  3. The cashier will process your transaction and scan your QR code through the POS machine.
  4. You will receive a transaction notification on your StarWALLET app. Click the “Process Payment” button.
  5. If you do not receive a notification, please open your StarWALLET app, on the “Rewards” menu, find “Rosalita’s Cantina”, and manually press “Pay”.
  6. Click confirm to redeem your StarPOINTS.

What is the minimum amount of StarXP required to be able to redeem it?
You don't need a minimum amount of StarXP to redeem it. You can use it alone or combine it with fiat money to pay for your transactions at Rosalita's Cantina.

Where can I track my Transactions and Points?
Our StarWALLET app is tailored to make it easy for members to access their transactions and StarPOINTS through the following process:
  1. Open your StarWALLET app.
  2. Click on the “Rewards” menu, search and click on the selected merchant, for example, click on “Rosalita’s Cantina”.
  3. On your selected merchant, click on the “History” menu.
  4. All of your transaction history and StarPOINTS points will be recorded on the “History” menu.

Will my StarPOINTS Expire?
NO, StarPOINTS will Never expire.

Can I Share My Loyalty Program with Someone Else?
StarPOINTS rewards program can only be used by the rightful member whose name is registered on the StarWALLET account.

What is StarX Token?
StarX token is StarWORKS Global native currency issued by StarWORKS Global Pte Ltd. and is listed on the global digital exchanges LATOKEN and COINSTORE.

How do I contact customer support for StarPOINTS?
Need assistance with your StarPOINTS? Our friendly customer support team is always here to help! Drop us an email at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you!